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Established in 1991, TILDE is the Baltic leading-edge IT company specializing in language technologies, multilingual and Internet software, and localization.

  • Language technologies. TILDE provides intelligent language technologies for the languages of the Baltic countries that are equivalent to the support available for major world’s languages, using a combination of statistical and knowledge driven approaches. TILDE’s experience in language technologies has resulted in widely used software products for the Baltic languages, including automated translation tools, spoken language technologies, proofing tools, multilingual electronic dictionaries and terminological data bases. As a developer of translation technologies, TILDE offers wide range of translation applications – electronic dictionaries between Baltic languages and widely used European languages, comprehension assistant as a tool for reading texts in foreign languages and machine translation solutions.
  • Digital content. TILDE creates new possibilities for the cultural heritage and terminology content in the digital world. TILDE has developed the first Baltic reference and dictionary Web Service (, providing Latvian encyclopaedias, dictionaries, novels and poetry.
  • Terminology services. As a coordinator of the EuroTermBank Consortium, TILDE develops and hosts the multilingual terminology portal, providing a consolidated interface to over 1.5 million terms in various European languages. Accessible for human and machine users, rich terminological content resides in the central database as well as external interlinked terminology banks. Its innovative entry compounding technology enables establishing new links across terminology collections and languages.
  • Localization services. TILDE covers localization needs of customers for all three languages of the Baltic countries (Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian). Localization team consists of skilful and experienced in-house translators, terminologists, linguists, quality assurance specialists and technicians, providing services for such companies as IBM, Microsoft, or Nokia.


TILDE has more than 150 employees in the three Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and an annual turnover of 4.66 million Euros.

TILDE operates from its offices in Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius. TILDE employs a highly committed team of IT and language experts and researchers, including 4 PhD candidates and 3 PhDs. The software architecture and research department, language system development department, and project management department located in Riga effectively cooperate to provide intelligent language technologies for the Baltic languages.

Contacts: Andrejs VASILJEVS (andrejs at tilde dot lv), Tatiana GORNOSTAY (tatiana dot gornostay at tilde dot lv)