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SYLLABS is a research company specialising in information processing. Its business is built around three complementary business areas: Research, Innovative Developments and Consulting.

Founded by a researcher, Syllabs is a private research laboratory with 12 employees (including 2 PhD students and 3 PhD holders). Applied Research is naturally at the heart of the company. Its primary field is Natural Language Processing (NLP) for information management and processing, as well as for Electronic Document Management (EDM). SYLLABS develops analytical methods and innovative tools for the processing of language-driven data (both written and spoken) by combining both statistical methods and analytical rules specified by linguists.

SYLLABS is recognised by the French Government as a Young Innovative Company and benefits from the Research Tax Credit, a tax incentive from the Government to stimulate R&D.

As a R&D company, SYLLABS participates and sets up research consortiums, particularly for calls for tenders from the French National Research Agency (ANR), the Regional IT Business Cluster Cap Digital (Île-de-France) and the European initiative EUREKA.


Department contributing to the project: the R&D team and the Linguistic Resources team.

SYLLABS’ R&D team develops innovative functionalities to meet specific client requirements. The developed tools provide detailed textual analyses using Natural Language Processing to extract or categorise information. These products are designed to improve the performance of ICT tools, as well as to enhance user experience.

Moreover, the R&D team collaborates actively with the Linguistic Resources team to speed up and optimise the development of multilingual linguistic resources, such as corpora and lexica for NLP.

Contacts: Claude de LOUPY (loupy at syllabs dot com), Helena BLANCAFORT (blancafort at syllabs dot com)