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IMS (Institut für maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung/Institute for Natural Language Processing) is a research institute of the University of Stuttgart. It belongs to the faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. IMS has three chairs in computational linguistics:

  • Foundations of Computational Linguistics (Prof.Dr. Jonas Kuhn),
  • Theoretical Computational Linguistics (Prof. Hinrich Schütze, PhD),
  • and Experimental Phonetics (Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Dogil).



IMS is currently involved in research projects ranging from basic research (Sonderforschungsbereich SFB 732) over infrastructure-related R&D (e.g. BMBF-project D-SPIN) to applied research. It has a strong track record in research and teaching in statistical NLP (for Information Retrieval and Statistical Machine Translation), in language resources, but also in parsing, morphology, formal grammars and formal semantics.

IMS has ca. 15 permanent and 25 temporary staff members on projects funded by DFG, BMBF and by the private sector. Its personnel-related budget is of ca. 2 Million Euros per year.

Department contributing to the project: the Foundations of Computational Linguistics

IMS will participate in TTC through senior members of the departments for Foundations of Computational linguistics (PhD Dr. U. Heid, apl. Prof.) and Theoretical Computational Linguistics (statistical methods, A. Fraser, PhD).

The "Language Resources" group at IMS (ca. 5-7 people), has been working on corpus technology (representation, query, data extraction) and lexical resources (dictionaries, term banks, representation standards) since 1990. Its current focus is on multi-word term extraction (MWE) and lexical representation.

Contact: Dr. Ulrich Heid, apl. Prof