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EURINNOV is a French consulting company specialized in the support of innovative SMEs and research institutes. Eurinnov helps them to set up technological partnerships, to develop their intangible assets (through R&D programs) and to leverage innovation financing (thanks to direct aid and/or tax incentives). EURINNOV sets up R&D projects since 1995, either as a subcontractor or as a non-technological partner.


The company possesses extensive expertise in three core activities: the engineering of collaborative projects (such as FP7, EUREKA and EUROSTARS projects), the management of such projects, and the financing of R&D performing SMEs (including subsidies, seed capital and venture capital).

EURINNOV has a multidisciplinary team of 20 specialists including 12 consultants: scientists, engineers, PhDs. It has expertise in all the major scientific fields (such as biotechnologies, information and communication technologies, material sciences, environmental technologies…) as well as in all contractual issues, which allows the company to anticipate and quickly solve any kind of problems that could emerge within the consortium.

Contact: Nicolas SAINTHERANT