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TTC: Terminology Extraction, Translation Tools and Comparable Corpora

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Project duration: 1st of January 2010 to 31st of December 2012 (36 months)

The TTC project aims at leveraging machine translation tools (MT tools), computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools) and multilingual content management tools by automatically generating bilingual terminologies from comparable corpora in five European languages (English, French, German, Spanish and one under-resourced language, Latvian), as well as in Chinese and Russian.


 Picture taken on the 7 of June 2011 during the TTC consortium meeting held in Skipton, Coniston Cold.

From the left: Fangzhong SU (UL), Marco BRUNELLO (UL), Bogdan BABYCH (UL),  Richard FORSYTH (UL), Claude MECHOULAM (Sogitec), Reinhard RAPP (UL), Serge SHAROFF (UL), Jérôme ROCHETEAU (UN), Béatrice DAILLE (UN), Emmanuel MORIN (UN), Alexander FRASER (IMS), Marion WELLER (IMS), Nicolas SAINTHERANT (Eurinnov); on the bottom from the left: Helena BLANCAFORT (Syllabs), Tatiana GORNOSTAY (Tilde)

TTC Work program :

WP1 - Requirements and specifications (RTD)

  • WP2 - Corpora: principles, methods and development for the compilation of corpora (RTD)
  • WP3 - Single word term and multi-word term candidate extraction (RTD)
  • WP4 - Term alignment (RTD)
  • WP5 - Development of complementary tools and integration in a platform (RTD)
  • WP6 - Evaluation of impact on CAT tools (RTD)
  • WP7 - Evaluation of impact on machine translation tools (RTD)
  • WP8 - Dissemination (OTH)
  • WP9 - Administrative, financial and legal management (MGT)
  • WP10 - Scientific and technical management (RTD)

 Project details :

Funded under: 7th FP (Seventh Framework Programme)

  • Area: ICT-2009.2.2 Language-based interaction
  • Total cost: 2.663 million €
  • EU contribution: 2.025 million €
  • Project reference: 248005
  • Execution: From 2010-01-01 to 2012-12-31
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Project status: Execution
  • Project type: STREP

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